Expert SEO Consultant – Why Do You Need One?

In the past, Small business marketing has traditionally been done through local channels like newspaper ads, phone book listings, billboards, tv and radio ads. Today we all know that Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many other new social media sites drive MAJOR traffic and new customers to to small local businesses. It is no longer possible to make it in a local business without a strong web presence, strong seo and social media platforms. Having all your seo and social media “ducks in a row” enable your potential customers to find and interact with you and your business.

All of This Being Said, Why Do I Need an Expert SEO Consultant?

Being in the SEO game since 1998 I have seen it all. I have seen many companies who churn and burn clients with black hat SEO tactics that work very well for a few months all the while holding themselves out to be white hat agency. I see “name brand” Seo companies even here in Austin who use black hat seo methods to rank not only their own websites but their client’s websites also. Did the clients know what was going on? Probably not, most Seo consultants will not explain to clients how they generate the links that lead to better rankings. The only party that suffers from black hat seo is the client when Google’s Panda or Penguin update punishes their business’s rankings. What was a successful money gushing business can come to complete financial ruin in less than 60 days if it gets caught in either of these filters. I have seen this happen too many times. This is why you MUST choose a Seo or digital marketing agency that uses real white hat processes. Your business’s financial future is at stake.

There’s No Such Thing as Cheap SEO, Social Media or Web Design!

I am sure that most of you reading this have already found out that this is true. Most of the business owners I meet with have all hired a Seo company in the past. It was usually someone who called them and offered them a cheap price to handle their Seo. The results usually end one of two ways. The business owner pays a small fee every month and the website rankings don’t move much or the cheap Seo gets them a penalty due to bad links and procedures that are against Google’s terms of service. Unfortunately, the vast majority of small business owners have no way to know the difference between who is going to do an outstanding job making them the go-to authority in their marketplace and those who will just take your money and leave your business in a heap of ashes. This is also true of social media and web design companies. Social media is not a stand alone activity, it should be done in concert with your seo campaign. They are not exclusive of each other, they compliment each other.You must find an agency or company that understands how to combine the two to forge your website into an unstoppable funnel of new clients for your business. Included in that funnel is a highly engaging web design that is built for looks AND CONVERSIONS. Your website’s purpose is not to win design awards, it is to allow your ideal customers to find you, form a positive impression, learn more about you and your business and then to TAKE ACTION. The taking action part is imperative and the part that most web designers have no idea how to do. They build sites that look good to them. They are artists at heart and have no idea how to design your website to make money.

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